Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens

The iconic spiral at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is made from basalt rock which was formed between 17 – 14 million years ago during the middle Miocene period.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden displays an ​amazing array of native and international plants and floral displays. With plenty to learn, explore, views to admire and trails to walk, you will feel invigorated and refreshed after relaxing in these beautiful gardens.

The beautiful waratah is not only the NSW floral emblem, it’s also one of the best-known Australian native plants. This iconic Australian bush flower can be found on sandstone ridges around Sydney​and in ​the nearby mountain ranges.

The Macleay’s Swallowtail, Graphium macleayanum, is a beautiful butterfly species identified by the tails on its hind wings and the green colour on the undersides of its wings.

The New Holland honeyeater is a honeyeater species found throughout southern Australia. With long, slender beaks and a tongue which can protrude well beyond the end of their beaks, New Holland Honeyeaters are able to probe for nectar in the deep flowers of Banksias and Grevilleas.

Looking down into the small waterfall and the tree ferns down below.

We were almost deafened ny the Cicadas and witnessed many climbing out of their exoskeletons.

There were groves of these beautiful daffodils.

Such a beautiful sight to see and how refreshing to hear the cool sound of the water falling.

This guy looks like he has just stepped out of the Jurassic era. The​ Friarbirds eat nectar, insects and other invertebrates, flowers, fruit, and seeds. The ​Friarbirds generally have drab plumage. They derive their name from the circular pattern at the crown of their heads and their neutral coloring, which makes them resemble friars.

Lewin’s honeyeater is a bird that inhabits the ranges along the east coast of Australia. It has a semicircular ear-patch, pale yellow in colour. The name of this bird commemorates the Australian artist John Lewin.

And of course the noisiest of them all, the Noisy Miner

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