What we found when we landed in Brighton was far brighter, tastier and more dazzling than we had imagined.

A very different place from London central, Brighton is a seaside town that’s filled with a mix of some very different cultures: on the one side you have ice cream vendors, sweet shops, carousels, rides and fish and chip shops; on the other, you have nightclubs, pubs and a high street filled with boutique stores and the latest fashion. 

Of course one of us had to stop here.

To fill up with some of these.

In the middle, you have King George IV’s seaside palace: the Royal Pavilion. This is easily one of the most ornate and staggering interiors I’ve ever seen in a royal palace. It’s very influenced by oriental design and was built to communicate drama and beauty to George’s guests. He got that right!

The beach was packed and busy.

The pier and some merry go rounds.

After a long walk we decided to lunch here.

With the best fish and chips ever.