Cremorne Point

The Cremorne Point Walk ​must be one of the best short walks in Sydney. This trail takes about 1-1.5 hours ​if you do the entire round trip but ​i​t can take longer if you want to stop off​, have a rest and enjoy the views.

We caught the ferry at Circular Quay and on the way we espied a glimpse of one of the stately homes.

We arrived at the Cremorne Ferry Station.

Once ​w​e got off the ferry,​ we headed up the staircase and turn​ed to the ​left. ​ This led us to a wide, paved, flat trail with ​what must be some of the most gobstoppingly spectacular harbour views ​o​n the one side and stately homes on the other.

W​e passed an area where ​w​e found some locals picnicking on the grassy verges ​and down by the water​ some people were swimming​, what a spectacular walk, viewpoint and picnicking spot.

The walkways are beautiful and lush.

Along the walk we saw a log where some bees and built a nest.

A wonderful doorway leading to one of the homes.

Looking out over Mosman Bay marina.

A very brave paddleboarder.

Of course it was perfect weather for the yachts too.

Some spiders were also enjoying the view.

A Last look at the view before we leave.

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