Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace was Henry VIII’s hunting lodge and home to William III.​ Situated in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, 12 miles southwest and upstream of central London on the River Thames.

Henry VIII​ brought all his six wives here. Surrounded by gorgeous gardens and famous features such as the Maze and the Great Vine, the palace has been the setting for many nationally important events.

The ​incredible ​astronomical clock was installed in 1540 on the gatehouse to the inner court at Hampton Court Palace. It was designed by Nicholas Crazter and made by Nicholas Oursian. This pre-Copernican and pre-Galilean astronomical clock is still functioning​ today. The clock is 15 feet (4.6 m) in diameter with three separate copper dials revolving at different speeds and displays the following information:Hour​, Month​, Day of ​the month​, Twelve signs of the zodiac​, 

Position of the Sun in the ecliptic relative to the background stars​, Number of days since the beginning of the year​, Phases of the moon​, Days since last new moon​, Hour when it passes meridian/anti-meridian and thus high water at London Bridge​.

The palace from across the river Thames

The fountain in the forecourt.

The beautifully painted ceiling.

The Chapel Royal entrance.

Up to 800 courtiers could accompany Henry VIII; all needed to be fed. The kitchens became an efficient food factory serving 1600 meals a day.

Servants eating room

Meat preparation

The weapons room

Welcome sign in the entrance

The dining room

The King’s table

Intricate details on the locks

A painting in the palace

The kitchen garden

A look at part of the gardens

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