Harold Porter Gardens

The Harold Porter National Botanical Garden covers almost 200 ha between mountain and sea, in the heart of the Cape Fynbos region within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve to the east of Cape Town, South Africa, near Betty’s Bay.

From stunning scenery to delicate flowers, unique indigenous plant life, and trees along with many birds and from time to time a few baboons, you will definitely enjoy every second spent here.

Within this pristine environment there are 60 species of birds to be found. Here is a Familiar Chat.

The Fireball lily, also known as the Blood Lily or Blood Flower, can be seen during summer months.

One of the most popular is a walk along the Leopard Kloof Trail, a walk across a bridge overlooking the ravine, leading you through fern forests and up to a waterfall where you can see some Red Disa orchids when they are in bloom.

The waterfall is the ultimate reward for the walk.

The ​Red ​Disa​, a terrestrial orchid,​ is an emblem of the Cape Province of South Africa​, it is pollinated solely by the mountain pride butterfly​. ​Plants growing in a rocky gorge are far more successful than those in an open valley, as the mountain pride butterfly prefers rocky, sheltered habitats​.

Meanwhile up above us a juvenile Steppe Buzzard was slowly circling and surveying his kingdom.

There is a beautiful rock pool in front of the restaurant, many croaks from the resident frogs can be heard.

There are also some Angulate Tortoises to be found, happily munching on the flowers.

You can walk through the various parts of the garden which in places overlook the sea.

There are many beautiful flowers to be seen like this Sugarbush Protea.

Meandering through the forest walk we came across this strange sculpture.

A stunning Orange-breasted Sunbird.

The colour of these Nerine Lily flower buds was stunning, hopefully we will return to see them fully open and glorious.

A golden Wandering Glider dragonfly was flitting around the rock pool.

A Last look as we were leaving. A beautiful garden that beckons us back.

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