Helderberg Nature Reserve

The Helderberg Nature Reserve is Situated in Somerset West on the slopes of the beautiful Helderberg Mountain overlooking False Bay, in the Western Cape.

The Reserve reaches up as far as the cliff faces and the peaks above the Reserve are managed by Cape​ Nature.

This is a beautifully worded plaque, that wecomes you on your entrance to the gardens.

There are so many walks within the garden and up into the mountain slopes with beautiful scenery and with flowers and birds surrounding you.

The Sugarbird is one of the most recognisable bird with it’s long flowing tail, they are very active among the proteas. This sugarbird had caught a bee and was taking it to its nest at the base of the reeds.

The April Fool flower is a bright and eye-catching lily, Haemanthus coccineus​ it is widely known as ‘April Fool’ due to its tendency to bloom around 1 April, following early autumn rains.

The lake is often filled with ducks and has a beautiful walkway all the way around it.

A little White-eye busily catching some food.

The mountains, so beautiful and yet another trail to walk along.

Lastly a quiet corner of the gardens to repose along with some tea and scones smothered in jam and fresh cream to replenish ourselves.

A cormorant drying its wings at the duck pond.

A protea seed pod dried out, the Fibonacci sequence can be clearly seen here in these circular patterns, fascinating.

And the protea in all its blooming glory.

A Yellow-billed Duck can be seen calming enjoying the swim.

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