Newstead Abbey and the Antiques Roadshow

The reason for the visit was primarily to see a location recording of Antiques Roadshow, the famous BBC TV show where members of the public have their precious items appraised by antiques experts.

10 hours later and we’re back from one of the most remarkable adventures ever. Each way consisted of around 3 and a half hours of travel, including tube/train/bus journeys and a LOT of walking.

Most of this walking took place within the grounds of Newstead Abbey in Nottingham (which was home to Lord Byron), which is easily one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen.

The queue where members of the public are waiting to have their precious items appraised by the antiques experts.

Experiencing the atmosphere of the show in person was quite surreal. Cameras were everywhere, with the most incredible abbey behind you.

A brief respite inspecting the lake with delicate white swans aswanning.

To see Fiona Bruce presenting right there in front of you, quite mind blowing. We got to chat to Fiona for a few minutes and she’s every bit as personable and down to earth as she is on screen.

BBC trucks arriving to arrange the filming and equipment.

So many enjoyable discoveries at one time combined to make today’s adventure one of the best days out we’ve ever had. Of course a certain member was cheeky enough to request a signature on our guide and of course Fiona Bruce was kind enough to oblige.

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