Nurragingy Reserve

Nurragingy Reserve is a beautiful place for a relaxing day out, with several picnic areas and wood-fired barbecues scattered throughout the bushland. It also makes a lovely spot for a wedding ceremony with its pretty, quiet gardens.

The reserve also incorporates the Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens, featuring a stunning gateway, stone bridge, pavilion and waterfall gazebo.

This 63 hectare bushland park is located in Doonside and attracts more than 1 million visitors per year.

As we entered the reserve we heard loud chirping and discovered a Sacred Ibis nest at the top of one of the palm trees with the chicks being fed by the adult.

The ponds were filled with unusual and pretty ducks.

A Handsome Chestnut coloured duck.

And a big handsome black duck

The ponds seemed to be filled with a reddish algae.

Perhaps this little pied cormorant had been dyed by the algae?

In spite of the red algae the goldfish seemed to be thriving.

Not forgetting the beautiful beds of lilies surrounding the entrance.

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