Postberg Flower Reserve

The Postberg Flower Reserve in Langebaan is not always open for ​v​isitors. Even though it forms part of the West Coast National Park, this ​gorgeous part of ​t​he park is closed so that it is disturbed as little as possible​. ​When spring comes, and the gates are opened visitors are greeted with huge swathes of flowers ​that seem to erupt ​f​rom every nook and cranny of the sides of the roads and through​out the reserve.

Within the Postberg Reserve there is wild game, Zebra​, Bontebok and ​Wildebeest are common occurrences and tortoises are a permanent part of the landscape along with birds, reptiles and myriads of colourful insects. Multi-hued flowers abound, and a visit to Postberg makes this time of year a real winner, so check your calendar to make sure you don’t miss this extraordinary eyefest.

Birds also visit to take advantage of the creatures living among the flowers. Here a Black-headed Heron is wrestling with a snake.

The snake is doing it’s best to stop from getting swallowed.

The Many daisies and other wild flowers are too numerous to name each species, here are some Blue Flax.

A closer look at the Blue Flax blossoms.

Some beautiful Orange Daisies.

A Cattle Egret searching for a hopper or two.

An Eland quietly chomping the flowers.

Flowers as far as the eye can see.

A Pied starling making off with a quick snack for his family.

Some dainty Babiana blossoms.

Some of the colourful grasshoppers coming along for the feast.

Some miniature Wild Iris.

A little Four-striped Mouse joins the feast.

A spray of purple daisies bursts out among the white and yellow.

And some beautiful Orange Vygies to put a smile on your face.

Some Bokmakieries singing for their supper.

A newborn Bontebok calf among the flowers.

And overhead a stunning Black-chested Eagle scanning everything below, waiting for that one opportunity.

And lastly a far away view of the Cape Mountain Zebra.

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