Assassin Bug

The Assassin Bug, Scientific name is Pristhesancus plagipennis​ is a reddish-brown to rusty coloured assassin bug with a typically skinny neck, small head and conspicuous proboscis or rostrum and transparent wings.

The nymphs are mainly black with orange abdomens. They go through a number of wingless stages, becoming more like the adult with each moult. They are fairly slow moving, living in trees and bushes amongst the foliage waiting to ambush their prey.

The name assassin bug is due to the way this insect finds its prey. It approaches from behind, then assassin bug will stab the prey and inject an enzyme which will dissolve the prey’s inner organs. The assassin bug then sucks out the fluid.

They feed on a diverse variety of insects including flies, mosquitos, roaches, beetles, aphids and caterpillars. We have at least four of these in our garden.

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