Broom Cluster Fig

This tree is in full fruit at Kirstenbosch Gardens at the moment (December). One has to be careful walking under it as these whopping big figs fall randomly and with quite some weight behind them.

The Broom Cluster Fig’s (Ficus sur)(Afrikaans name Besem-trosvy), fruit is supposedly rather tasty (that is if you can find some fruit that hasn’t yet been infested with insects) and is eaten fresh or sun-dried. The young leaves are cooked and used as a relish. The fruit is much loved by birds, bats and monkeys.

The wood from this tree was used for furniture and drums and in the past was used for the brake-blocks in ox wagons. Latex from the tree is used for medicinal and veterinary purposes, with the bark being used for traditional medicine. The Broom Cluster Fig is a larval food plant for butterflies.

All in all it is a very useful tree.

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