Chinspot Batis

The Chinspot Batis (Witliesbosbontrokkie Afrikaans name) is a bird commonly found in the Mopane woodland areas, although common they are not that easy to spot, they are busy in among the branches and leaves making it very hard to photograph.

We came across this couple while out n a drive on the H4-1 to Lower Sabie in the Kruger National Park. These birds are so striking in appearance and there is quite a difference between the male and female colours. This must be an exception to the case where the female is prettier than the male with her beautiful chestnut markings against his stark black and white colouring. However having said that they are both beautiful birds.

Batis feed mainly on insects gleaned from branches and leaves but have also been seen hawking for insects. Such a pleasure to have sighted this pair.

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