Crab Spider

The name “crab spider” is derived from its appearance, which bears a striking resemblance to crabs due to their flattened bodies and wide, angled legs.​ They are particularly well-suited to living in gardens and other areas with a lot of vegetation, as this provides them with plenty of places to hide and ambush their prey.

When the opportunity arises, the​ Crab Spider will pounce on their prey with lightning-fast speed, using their front legs​, like pliers, to grasp and immobilise their target.​ Once their prey is captured, they will inject venom to immobilise it before consuming it. The Australian Crab Spider is a solitary species that prefers to hunt and live alone. We have a few in our garden that live in the curry leaf tree.

The Australian Crab Spider’s coloration can vary greatly depending on their surroundings.
This is due to their ability to change colour in order to blend in with their environment. They are able to do this by using special pigments in their skin that can adjust to match the colours around them. This ability to camouflage themselves makes them difficult to spot, even for keen-eyed predators.

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