Crimson Rosella

There are several colour forms of the Crimson Rosella. The form it is named for has mostly crimson (red) plumage and bright blue cheeks. The feathers of the back and wing coverts are black broadly edged with red. The flight feathers of the wings have broad blue edges and the tail is blue above and pale blue below and on the outer feathers

Crimson Rosellas are mainly seed and fruit eating parrots. They forage on the ground and in the outer foliage of trees, picking up seed ready to eat or breaking into fruit holding it in the left foot. Early in the morning they fly out to drink and feed in shrubs and trees or on the ground.

What a joy it was to see these beauties in the Lane Cove National Park, all too short-lived as they flew off after a few minutes.

We have also seen them in Kangaroo Valley

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