Southern Elephant Seal

The Southern Elephant Seal (Afrikaans name, Suidelike olifantrobbe) is a huge animal with adults reaching up to 3000kgs, with a length of 16ft. Often living to the age of 22 years, average being 14 years.

This youngster beached himself on Blouberg Beach and it was thought that he could have drifted off from his colony, he stayed around for two days before moving further along the coast.

Elephant seals spend eighty percent of their lives out at sea.

They can dive up to depths of 1500 metres.

They can hold their breath for more than a hundred minutes.

Elephant Seals are kept warm more by their blubber than by their fur.

Elephant seals take their name from the large proboscis (nose) of the adult male (bull) which resembles an elephant’s trunk.

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