Sanssouci Palace

Built in 1747 and surrounded by terraced vineyards and a 700-acre park filled with 3,000 fruit trees, Sanssouci (“without a care” in French) was the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, used when he wanted to just kick back somewhere quiet when not in court in Berlin. With 12 rooms decorated from ceiling to floor in gold, mirrors, art and paintings, it’s not a bad weekend retreat, is it?

On a small rise covered with vineyard terraces near Potsdam, Friedrich had his Sanssouci summer palace constructed. This was not merely a summer residence and his favourite place to stay. It also became a personal sanctuary, a place where he retreated in times of difficulties to relax in the company of his dogs.

Naturalistic sculptural wall decorations in bright colors are set on a yellow background. The younger of the Hoppenhaupt brothers virtuously carved fruits, birds, flower garlands and little monkeys that look amazingly realistic. The chandelier and four sconces are equally skillfully decorated with porcelain flowers.

Beautiful Gardens surround the palace.

The intricate rococo style designs are apparent from the chandeliers to the ceilings to the doors.

The amount of gold here is unbelievable.

These gates are pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Glass and gold are the perfect match.

The terraces leading up to the palace.

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