Some Of The Not So Usual

There are places and things that leave an indelible imprint in your mind, not because they are the most beautiful but because they are not usual. We love collecting photos of what most people would not even notice.

The Orangerie a little hidden garden shop, down the lane alongside Dirty Jane’s antique shop. It has some of the most beautiful wrought iron hanging bells, benches and ornaments for the garden as well as plants.

Dirty Janes antique shop is quite unique in that it consists of many small antique dealers under one roof. Each stallholder numbers their items according to their number in the shop. These butterflies caught our eye.

We applaud this neighbourhood for their care of the local wildlife and of course this one adds to our collection of unusual signs.

We shook our heads at the Big Potato

Some of us thought that this sign was very apt.

This was a first for us a Weaver Ant nest. Some facts about the Weaver Ants. They spin nests out of silk and leaves. The silk fibers are made by weaver ant larvae and produced from their abdomen. The workers then carry the larvae in their jaws as they weave. Weaver Ants react to threats with aggression, it’s a bad idea to go near their nests. These ants don’t have a functional stinger but their bites sure can hurt.

The colour of devastation, this burnt out area was so sad to see and yet eerily beautiful in some way.

Lastly, we thought this was the cutest local cinema we had ever seen.