Ramses ll Exhibition in Sydney

This has to be one of the most interesting and beautiful exhibitions of one of the greatest Pharoahs Ramses ll known as the Divine Ruler. If this Exhibition comes to your city or a city near you it comes highly recommended. This is just a small insight of the amazing exhibition, there are still so many riches to see and behold.

Upper part of a colossus of Ramses ll​. Discovered in the 1930’s The king’s arms are at his side holding various objects.

The coffin of Ramses ll​. This beautiful coffin of Ramses ll was made using the highest quality cedar wood with the King’s cartouches which are painted below the crossed arms. Below them are texts recording the coffins journey.

Upper part of an obelisk​. Only the upper part of this red granite has been preserved, the pyramid top is inscribed with the names of Ramses ll. Obelisks were often erected to show the honour of the king to the Gods.

Head of a colossus of Ramses ll. Originally the head of a middle kingdom ruler, Ramses ll had it re-carved to match his own face.

Painted relief block. The painting in the middle, on a slab of limestone depicts Ramses preparing to smite the traditional enemies of Egypt.

Statue of Ramses ll offering a rebus in his name. This statue shows Ramses ll kneeling in front of three figures which together can be read as “Ramses beloved of Amun”.

Gilded mask from the coffin of Amenemope​. Amenemope was a little known ruler buried in Tanis.

Outer coffin of Sennedjem. Sennedjem was known as the servant in the place of truth.​ This is the outer coffin from his tomb which is beautifully decorated with texts and vignettes from The Book Of The Dead.

Calcite jar and vase​. A calcite amphora jar of Meremptah and a calcite vase with a handle.

Collar of Neferuptah with the Girdle of Princess Merit​. This beautiful collar is made up of rows of carnelian, feldspar and gold beads with golden terminals at each end of a falcons head together with a girdle of Princess Merit consisting of nine large beads of double leopard heads and spaced with small amethyst beads.

Ostracon​. This ostracon shows the royal scribe Hay kneeling with his hands raised in a gesture of adoration in front of him are lavish offerings on an altar and opposite is the Godess Anuket in the form of a gazelle.

Coffin of a cat mummy. The statue is of a seated cat which is hollow inside to hold a feline mummy. The face is gilded with inlaid eyes.

Mummy of a cat. This mummy is that of a cat which x-rays showed had a broken neck and probably a year old. the internal organs were removed and the shroud sewn in the shape of the cat.