Strandfontein Sewage Works

The Strandfontein sewage works consist​s of a large complex of reed fringed ​settling pans situated between Strandfontein and Muizenberg on the False Bay coastline near Cape Town​ which ​a​re renowned for the numbers and diversity of bird species that can be seen here. This area is rated as one of the top five birding areas in South Africa.

The ponds provide open water for water​ ​birds with the shallower ponds ​that ​a​re filled with clouds of pink and white flamingos​. Pelican can often be seen in the pans along with a large number of different ducks, grebes and terns.

Large numbers of Barn Swallows roost in the larger reed-beds​ and shrubs. 

Roads encircle the ponds, allowing one to ​d​rive through the reserve, keeping in mind that it is not safe to leave your vehicle.

On the sea side of the pans Kelp Gulls breed regularly.

Pelican resting in between breakfast and lunch.

Red Billed Teal are common residents.

One of the rarities seen here the Franklin’s Gull.

The strange looking Black-necked Grebes with their blood red eyes.

Common Terns seen in the farther pans.

While driving around the pans Flamingo can be seen flying overhead.

A pair of Shelduck.

The Water Thick-knee looking so bored with life.

A Purple Heron keeping watch.

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