Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is Australia’s natural masterpiece and oldest botanic garden, overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Feed your curiosity in the Botanic Gardens of Sydney, the ​​sprawling natural place of plants, ​birds, science and seasons, and nature​. It is a beautiful park and a perfect place to spend a day, it has many parts to discover and explore.

Explore ​the Calyx which is a kaleidoscope of colour, plants and passion​, step inside the wonderfully diverse world of plant-love in ​t​he new immersive horticultural exhibition.​ The Leaf Dept. Cafe​ ​i​s located at The Calyx​, it is a place to relax with a coffee​ and a quick meal.

The gorgeous hand blown glass pitcher plants, among the real ones.

Cleverly sculpted plants to resemble a Koala.

A Noisy Miner feeding on some flowers.

These are the beautiful flowering Aloes growing outside the Garden Shop​ which carries a unique range of botanic inspired gifts, homewares and more​.

A Little Cormorant drying of his wet feathers after taking a swim.

A pink Pitcher plant, such a fascinating plant that is carnivorous loving to chomp up insects.

A Black Orchard swallowtail butterfly resting in the ferns, we chased it for quite some time trying to get a photo.

A Wood Duck showing off his fine feathers.

A Strange and striking Bromeliad flower that we had never seen before.

Juvenile Ibis begging for food.

A White-face Heron making a survey of the area from up high.

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